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Web hosting services come up with a number of options for businesses and individuals. This ensures that their website remains accessible to the people at every single instance of time. Dedicated server hosting is one such extremely popular web hosting solution and it is known to offer a number of benefits to the companies which completely relies on e-commerce. Dedicated server resources extra space, extra bandwidth, extra RAM and extra resources. This is a wonderful resolution for big size online businesses and outsized websites that has a huge amount of visitors and traffic. For illustration: online communication portals, gaming servers, and complex E-commerce websites. Dedicated server atmosphere with low-cost funds,

Looking for your next dedicated server hosting providers of Malaysia?Get Dedicated hosting servers in Malaysia and VPS Hosting for international & local clients from the most reliable and fast Malaysia data-center. we are providing a variety of dedicated servers that will help you to get complete solution for your personal and business requirements. Please have appeared at above plans and wish therefore that will fit in your budget and fulfill your hosting condition.



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India Based Linux dedicated

The word dedicated stands for Virtual Private Server, it is used to provide immediate services to different users by following the technique of splitting a single physical server computer. The virtual machine which is designed in a way of separating the physical computers permits the users to make changes in their server according to their needs. Virtual Private Server is very important as it reduces the costs, so it is demanded by all the businessmen whether they may be new to this field or much known.

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India Based windows dedicated

If your web application or web site is not well-matched with shared hosting and a dedicated server is not in your funds, then Choose dedicated servers that provide you dedicated server atmosphere at low expenditure, we are providing a variety of dedicated servers that will assist you to get a complete resolution for your individual and commercial requirements. Give pleasure to have a look at the above plans and decide accordingly that will fit in your financial plan.

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US Based Linux dedicated

dedicated stands for Virtual Private Server. A dedicated is considered as a step ahead towards having your dedicated server from shared web hosting. With the increasing power, performance, and memory of the CPU of server hardware, virtualization is playing a very important role in web-hosting companies. Several features of dedicated servers are available in dedicated. In most of the cases dedicated can be operated on various Linux flavors like Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, etc. Click here

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US Based Windows dedicated

You can also get windows based dedicated servers. These types of dedicated are available with some additional license charges. Physical Memory: With the help of physical memory it can be calculated that the dedicated can what number of applications in a particular amount of time. Most of the dedicated provide memory allocation for 512 MB-4096 MB. Any server below this range is not compatible with any of the applications except running a proxy or a DNS.

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Low Cost Dedicated Server Hosting Service Provider in Malaysia

Esteemhost, dedicated virtual server hosting company since 2011 offers web hosting solutions, shared vps dedicated hosting, VPS, domain name, cloud, SSL, backup and storage.

Dedicated hosting implies that you also get far more control over how the server is configured. You can add and remove software, install updates or tweak all settings, allowing you to optimize the server for your specific needs. Choosing between a dedicated server or a cloud hosting solution is an important decision for your company.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Company - Malaysia

Esteemhost is one of the leading and reliable dedicated server hosting company in Malaysia. Esteemhost offers various type of dedicated web hosting packages. We offer Dedicated VPS Server Hosting, Llnux Web Hosting, JAVA Web Hosting and Windows Web Hosting. If you run eCommerce website, Cms website, inventory online applicaton, we have special web hosting packages for these applications. Our network is designed for high avalibility and High security so our web hosting service is most reliable for you.

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