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    At , we are committed to providing superior services and customer support through our partnerships with highly regarded associations. By working together with industry leaders, we ensure that our solutions are based on cutting edge technologies to help your business stay one step ahead of the competition. Our list of partners does read a little like a "who's who" of IT. Perhaps because it is exactly that! Web technology is a highly collaborative field and no one with any sense tries to go it alone.

    CentOS The Community Enterprise Operating System Enterprise class computing platform, 64 bit capable operating system, Cluster suite available, Large support community

    Debian First OS with a social contract Debian is a free Operating System, 64 bit capable Operating System, Precompiled software, Can update a running program

    Fedora Your next generation OS Virtualization with Xen, 64 Bit capable Operating System, Best combination of robust software, General purpose operating environment

    Ubuntu Contributions from the best open-source experts Simple and free, Easy integration into existing infrastructure, Built in security features

    Windows Server 2008 Data Center Edition Great for VPS Allows unlimited instances, Supports 64 GB of memory, Windows Firewall with, Advanced Security .

    Parallels Plesk Panel The original Windows hosting platform, Intuitive user interface, Feature rich bundle options

    Webmin Lite on system resources, Works on most linux distributions, Manages most services of a server environment

    ProxMox Free VPS management GUI, Automated backups, Supports OpenVZ & KVM, Supports iSCSI

    cPanel Industry leader for turning standalone servers into a fully automated hosting platform